Movement is Medicine

Dragon Boat Charleston (DBC) participants have much experience with the health benefits of regular exercise. Over the past 14 years, many have attributed their lasting health, energy and zest for life to dragon boating. Dragon boating has also motivated our participants to seek out exercise programs outside of the boat. Many of them water aerobicize, walk, do yoga, run, hike and lift weights.

Over the years, DBC’s wellness program has grown to include an annual, 8-week “Winter Fitness Challenge” that has included barre, yoga, cross-fit and dancing; Yoga on the Dock every summer and a variety of nutritional events and outings. The success and growth of our wellness programming inspired us to reach out into the community and GET PEOPLE MOVING! Hence the launch of DBC’s Movement is Medicine program.


The goals of DBC’s Movement is Medicine program is two-fold: 
  • Encourage medical professionals to recommend or “prescribe” movement as an important part of disease prevention, overall wellness and quality of life.
  • Encourage people of all walks of life to GET MOVING in whatever way feels right to them; without a gym membership, fancy workout clothes or any experience…Everyone can GET MOVING.

DBC hopes to accomplish its goals with the following activities:

  • Production and dissemination of our Movement is Medicine video below. This video will be widely disseminated by DBC and its partners to motivate people to exercise.
  • Public Service Announcements via DBC website, billboards, television and radio
  • Weekly Movement is Medicine “tips” disseminated via social media
  • Partnerships with local partners such as the Charleston County Parks, City of Charleston, as well as local medical professionals.
  • Scholarships for chronically ill patients to attend one-month of a physician referred exercise program through the County Parks.
  • Free, one-day “conference” called Prevention-Palooza with workshops, speakers and resources on easy and free wellness programs in our community.

As a 501(c)3, DBC relies on the generosity of donors and sponsors to help fund its programs for the Charleston community.


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